Welcome to M&M Advocates and Consultants .

M&M Advocates and Consultants is a full service law firm based out of India. We have well-established association of expert Attorneys and Consultants with a practice that offers a complete range of legal Services in India and abroad. We have a clientele of R&D companies, Corporates, Law Firms, Entrepreneurs and Individual Inventors having M&M as their preferred choice. We feel that legal excellence alone is not sufficient to match or excel the standards of services set by clients. Our approach is to combine our extensive legal expertise, rich experience and an in-depth understanding of the commercial environment in which our clients operate. We combine our legal and business know-how with cutting-edge legal strategies and highly efficient case management to offer advice and practical solutions to our clients. We assist our clients to solve business and legal problems with maximum efficiency and strategic vision. In every aspect of our services, we focus on the results. We understand that the value of what we do is measured merely by the extent it helps our client’s business. We constantly strive to understand our clients’ commercial and economic objectives and create potential opportunities for our clients. We provide value added services by positively pursuing creative and effective approaches to the business goals of our clients. We are exceptionally responsive, and care about providing practical and quality legal advice and services to our clients. We are exploring new challenges. Young talent and modern technology are being seated. Systems and procedures are being streamlined and fine-tuned – all to ensure that the firm continues to exceed the clients’ high expectations.