Our Firm has a special cell dedicated exclusively to contracting and the laws relating to contracts. Our expertise in contract writing and negotiation range from large contracts for infrastructure projects, including concessions, EPC Agreements, O&M Contracts, Fuel Supply contracts, construction contracts, teaming agreements, acquisition of securities, financing agreements, swaps and hedging agreements; corporate and property acquisition; to agreements for dealerships, distributorship, original equipment manufacturers, consumer loans and securitization, employment, trade unions and labor unions.

Our team of Counsels provides expert advice on laws relating to contracts, sale of goods, tortuous liability, formulae of damages and other liabilities. Our team works in close co-ordination with our Clients on contracting issues and seeks to understand the Client’s commercial needs and positioning towards other parties in negotiating and writing contracts. While negotiating and writing contracts, the Firm utilizes the collective experience and know-how of its talented professionals with the primary objective of adding value to the Client’s goals.

Our approach in contracting is to look into contracts with long-term objectives. We provide our Clients with detailed risk analysis on contracts and agreements and conduct internal due diligence to make our Clients aware of their position under related clauses in the contract. For larger projects we utilize our experience and know-how on taxation to optimize the liability of our Clients towards fiscal authorities and structure the contracts in the best possible manner to minimize the liability of both direct and indirect taxes.

We also prepare contracts and agreements for our Clients, which can be used as standard contracts and agreements in the industry for which it is crafted. We keep our Clients regularly apprised of the changes that have to be made in such standard contracts and agreements to ensure compliance with the prevailing laws, rules, regulations and standards, whether they relate to commercial, industrial, labour, taxation or any other relevant issues.
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