Taxation and Tax Planning

Keeping in mind the prevailing scenario of international commerce, the profitability or viability of a project is highly dependant on the tax treatment received, making it a very important and inherent part of any commercial venture. Failure to plan correctly on the outset could hamper the profitability and commercial success of the project. We provide optimal solution to tax problems based on the long term strategic planning of the clients’ business. We have extensive experience and knowledge of the tax statutes, both direct and indirect, their implementation and enforcement, giving us an exhaustive overview of the problems that have arisen or may arise and how to circumvent and tackle the same. Tax Planning is one of our core strengths.

Our Services include advice on policy, procedure as well as substantive applicable laws for global and domestic tax planning strategies. These strategies deal with issues like global trade agreements and their impact on manufacturing, supply strategies and costs. We provide expert advice on matters relating to imports, exports, customs and excise duties to companies involved in cross-border transfer of goods, addressing tariff, non-tariff, legal, procedural and compliance issues. As a part of our services, we provide planning and compliance advice with respect to customs tariff valuation of goods and related intangibles.

We offer advice and assistance on all forms of regulatory compliance and process-driven activities through our tax compliance and advisory service offerings. Our Counsels are experts in corporate taxation, transfer pricing, double taxation, Exim policy and indirect taxation and work with Clients to develop an overall comprehensive tax planning and import strategy. We offer services on all aspects of Indian taxes including:

Direct Tax

  • Corporate and Business Tax Consulting, Project planning, including advice in respect of tax positions, and relevant transaction advisory services;
  • Corporate and Business Tax Planning, Compliance and Regulatory provisions;
  • Advise relating to international cross border transactions and planning thereof, including for supplies, installations, erection, service, and other contracts;
  • Corporate tax planning for Joint ventures, Acquisitions and Mergers;
  • Individual income tax, including writing of Employment and Service Agreements to optimize individual taxation.

Indirect Tax

Our tax professionals with their wide-ranging experience and in-depth knowledge help Clients in effective planning, which in turn help in cost optimization. We provide services relating to Sales tax, Service tax, and Custom and Excise duties. Services relating to VAT are emerging areas of our practice.

We assist our Clients in making representations to the relevant authorities such as the Director General of Foreign Trade, Department of Revenue, Central Board of Excise and Customs for obtaining concessions and relief.

  • Custom Duty
    • Advisory services relating to various aspects of custom law and applicable regulations – covering rates of duties, exemptions, valuation planning, classification assistance and assessments.
    • Render advice on a wide range of custom procedures and documentation requirements, clearance of imports, warehousing, and duty entitlements, to name a few.
    • Assisting Clients on the policies and procedures under the Export-Import Policy, such as licensing requirements. Providing the right guidance to enable our Clients to make the most of various benefits available to specific entities or projects in specified areas, as well as concessions available under various export promotion schemes.
  • Excise Duty
    • Render advise on a wide range of issues relating to excise duty implications;
    • Render advise and assistance on procedural issues relating to excise;
    • Render advice and planning on issues relating to excise duty concessions, exemptions and relief.
  • Service Tax
    • Render advise with regard to applicability of tax, as well as procedural compliance;
    • Advisory services to determine the service tax implications on Client operations, compliance and suggest tax-planning strategies.
  • Sales Tax
    • Advice on the applicability and levy of Central and State Sales tax or Works Contract tax, and the implications of new budget provisions regarding the same.
    • Advise on optimization of tax.
  • Value Added Tax 
    • Rendering advice on the implication of VAT within a State and cross-border transactions including procedural compliance;
    • Assistance in registration procedures and claiming VAT input credits.

Further, we advise on avoidance of double taxation and obtaining tax credits on royalty payments, technical services as well as minor taxes such as cess, octroi and entry taxes.

We assist in structuring transactions to minimize tax liabilities while maximizing tax credits and other incentives in diverse areas ranging from sales taxes to corporate income tax liabilities and franchise taxes including on the import of equipment in projects of substantial value.

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