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Paris Convention Filings


Paris Convention Filings


How we can help

M&M Advocates and Consultants are specialized in Paris Convention filings for your invention. Check the details to know more about the process:


Not all countries belong to the PCT treaty. And not every invention deserves a PCT application. There is still a group of 28 countries that are not part of the PCT and you need to file your patent application one year after your initial filing.

When dealing with urgent translations, text, and drawings preparation for filing Convention patent applications in non-PCT countries, our team offers you an expedited solution that will minimize any extra cost.

After you have filed the first patent application for your invention, you have one full non-extendable year to file it in Paris Convention countries that are not yet part of the PCT.

Our Approach

If you file a Provisional application, then the problem arises, when you are still working on the final text of the Non-Provisional at the same time you need to prepare your foreign filings before the 1-year deadline.

And you still have to translate and file the application in a myriad of countries!

M&M Advocates and Consultants, with its team of global Patent Attorneys having over 20 years of experience in dealing with Convention filings are the one-stop solutions for all your Patenting needs. We can file your application in more than 130 countries at affordable costs. By emailing us the serial number of your patent application you may get flat filing fees for filing applications in the countries of your choice. Our prices include all the fees involved: translations, official fees, professional fees, legalizations, etc.

Our team strongly believes in transparency. The application filing costs will depend on several factors. Because each application is unique just email us your local serial number and let us know the countries in which you are looking to extend your patent rights, and we will give you an accurate estimate of the filing costs without any surprises.

There are no hidden or additional unexpected costs!

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