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Patent Searches


Patent Searches


How we can help

While expensive, good patent searches can prevent the expenditure of money on patent applications for inventions that are not patentable. They can also improve the quality of any patent application that is written on the invention.


Our Approach

Our dedicated team of Patent Consultants and Researchers provide extensive Patent Search Services at competitive prices. We provide the following search services;

  • ⦿ Invalidity / Validity Searches
  • ⦿ Novelty/Patentability Searches
  • ⦿ Accelerated Examination Searches
  • ⦿ Collection/State of The Art Searches
  • ⦿ Infringement/Non-Infringement Searches
  • ⦿ Right-to-Use/Freedom To Operate Searches

We search over 130 million patents and patent applications from 100 countries.

We know you have many choices for your patent research needs and we’d like to be one of them. While it may be challenging to find a reliable patent search firm, we make sure your expectations are met or exceeded. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation or a sample patent search report.

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