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Trademark Filings


Trademark Filings


How we can help

M&M Advocates and Consultants have a great team in India and abroad to help you get the best trademark service.


Our Approach

Registering a trademark in foreign markets gives a company the exclusive right to commercialize its products in those markets. This not only provides a solid basis to stop counterfeiters but also ensures that the exporting company enjoys exclusivity over what may be one of its most valuable business assets.

Registering a trademark abroad also provides the opportunity to license the trademark to others or may be the basis for a company’s franchising or merchandising strategy.

Our global team of Trademark attorneys, with more than 20 years of experience, can perform a pre-registration search to check the registrability of your brand, and file your trademark application in more than 150 countries.

Our trademark application filing costs are transparent. We do not surcharge for professional and official (PTO) costs. We have a flat handling cost and unbeatable translation costs.

Our clients just need to email us the serial number of the trademark application and get our foreign trademark filing quote with no unexpected costs!

Our clients just need to email us their trademark and the classes and countries in which it should be filed. Our team will guide you through the process, attending to the special needs of our clients and offering suggestions on the way they may reduce their costs and make their investment more efficient and affordable.

Our global team of Trademark attorneys provides services in over 130+ countries and also provides professional services in case of oppositions.

We send deadline reminders to our clients absolutely free of cost.

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