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PCT National Phase Filings


PCT National Phase Filings


How we can help

M&M Advocates and Consultants provides quick resolution for PCT National Phase Filings.

We have an innovative, flexible and cost appropriate approach when dealing with PCT National Phase filings around the world.

Our global team of Patent Attorneys, are changing the way law firms, cooperate and individual customers are filing their PCT National Phase applications around the world.

Instead of dealing with several IP lawyers in different countries at the same time, M&M ADVOCATES clients only need to communicate with us for all of their IP needs in 120+ countries.

Our Approach

Once our client emails us the PCT application number along with the list of countries where they seek protection, our team responds to them with the total prices including all the fees involved: translation, official and professional fees, legalizations, bank charges etc.

Our clients are entitled to use our wide network of prestigious Patent Attorneys in 120+ countries for filing their PCT National Phase applications. Our clients need to pay just a single invoice for their patent application filing in multiple PCT countries.

We will cut your filing costs between 25-50%. We provide a transparent and fixed pricing, and suggest you ways to reduce your costs even more without affecting your patent rights. We guarantee our filing and translation costs will be at least 10-30 % less expensive than your current filing provider.

Our team frequently updates clients on various upcoming deadlines for their Patent applications filed in multiple PCT countries without charging a penny.

We keep our charges highly competitive while responding to office actions in 120+ PCT countries and are also open to negotiate over our professional fees while responding to office actions and we normally get grants with maximum of two office actions from the patent offices across the globe.

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