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Translation of Patents


Translation of Patents


How we can help

For over 12 years, we have been serving law firms and corporations with patent translation services around the world. We do not translate any type of documents. We translate just patents. We are the only translation services provider in the world totally focused on patents.

Our Approach

We have a wide network of seasoned patent translators with backgrounds in mechanics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, genetics, telecommunications and information technology, Consumer Products & Mechanical, Software & Business Methods, Electrical & Electronics, Aerospace, Chemical, and Medical.

Our client patents are always translated by an expert who has a degree in the matter to be translated. This assures our customers a high-quality result at affordable prices. We translate from English to multiple languages pairs and from any language to the English language at competitive rates.

In order to receive our quotes for Patent translation services just email us the PCT application number at and we will get back to you with our competitive rates.

Our team provides its clients with translations done by natives, less expensive costs (we guarantee 20-30% less than your current provider), and in time to beat pending priority deadlines for PCT and Paris Convention filings.

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Drop us an email at with your requirements and our team will get back to you shortly with a customized plan for you.

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