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PCT National Phase Filing in Canada

What is National Phase PCT?

National Phase PCT simplified procedure ensures patent protection while complying with each country’s specific standards. It’s been backdated to the original filing date.

Public Phase: after the finish of the PCT methodology

normally at 30 months from the most punctual documenting date of your underlying application

Deadline for PCT national phase entry in Canada

As far as possible for entering the PCT public stage in Canada is 30 months from the needed date.

If the candidate pays the public stage passage fee, the late segment is available for up to 42 months from the earliest need date.

In the ordinary instance, where priority is claimed but the right of restoration of priority is not required, applicants will need to be concerned about this new requirement

  • Firstly, Canadian patent applications should be in English or French.
  • Secondly, The recording’s language should be consistent throughout the application.
  • Thirdly, You do not need a power of attorney to attend the PCT public stage in Canada.

Furthermore, neither the Patent Office nor the courts have any methods of scrutinizing the applicant’s statement of unintentionality under the modified Patent Act and new Patent Rules.In addition, the statute makes no provision for the legality of a national phase application if the applicant’s statement is untrue.

Examination of a PCT national phase application in Canada

Patent applications in Canada go through formal and meaningful assessments.


Novelty grace period

If the entry into the public stage occurs after the second or third remembrance of the global documenting date.

Duration of registration procedure

The normal preparing time for the patent enrollment method in Canada is a long time from the date of the assessment demand.

Representation by a patent attorney

For unfamiliar patent candidates, it is important to perform the PCT public stage section in Canada