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PCT National Phase Filling in Europe (EPO)

The European Patent Office (EPO) must record the Euro-PCT patent application, which provides patent insurance in all EPO contracting provinces.

The candidate must accept the conceded patent in contracting states when the EPO awards the patent application.

The following are the basic requirements for filing a Euro-PCT patent application.

Deadline to file Euro-PCT patent application

If there is an incident of direct documentation of the PCT patent application then, the PCT patent application must be entered into the European Phase within 31 months of the most recent need date of the PCT patent application or the date of recording of the PCT patent application.

If anyhow you miss the 31month deadline, then it can extend for an indefinite amount of time.

Regardless, critical extra charges are included in the Euro-PCT patent application’s late part.


Filing Requirements of Euro-PCT patent application

The European public stage passage must be in one of the European Patent Office’s authority dialects (English, French, or German).

The interpretation can be provided within 31 days of receiving the EPO notification, or within two months of receiving the EPO notice for an additional fee.
1. Duplicate of the PCT patent application alongside Article 19 or Article 34 changes assuming any.

2. Installment of Filing Fee and Designation Fee

3. Solicitation for Examination

To obtain the documenting date, a lawyer’s force is not necessary at the time of recording the Euro-PCT patent application.


Examination of a PCT national phase patent application in Europe

Because the deadline for documenting the solicitation for evaluation of the European patent application is 31 months from the patent application’s need data, the solicitation for assessment of the European patent application must get a record with the patent application’s documentation.


Validation of the European pate

When the EPO grants a Euro-PCT patent application, the European patent must get approval for every assigned country by submitting an approval request together with the appropriate interpretation within a specific time frame.